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Full Facial Balancing

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Full facial balancing is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the symmetry and harmony of your face. We may use all dermal fillers, or a combination of multiple products/techniques such as fillers + biostimulators (Sculptra/Radiese/PRP) + pdo threads. 

We begin with a consultation where our experts take your concern areas into account while analyzing your facial symmetry/proportions/areas of bone loss and fat pad loss. The beauty of this process is that often we can make tiny adjustments throughout the entire face to refresh the entire face without CHANGING any one thing!

Next, your injector will recommend a customized plan that may be done over one or multiple treatment sessions. Cost and budget will be discussed at this point so you know exactly what to expect. 

Overall, full facial balancing is the best, longest-lasting option for anyone who is looking to improve their appearance in a subtle yet powerful way. 

Treatment Cost

The cost of full facial balancing varies widely based on each patient's age, lifestyle/skincare history, previous treatments and main areas of concern. Our best suggestion to get a true cost estimate is to schedule your consult! Please see our social media page and sign up for our newsletter to see real examples (and treatment plans) of amazing patient results.
Overall, a full facial balancing appointment at Bloom will help highlight your best features and boost your self confidence. Most importantly, it will help build trust with the right provider for long term maintenance and prevention. We look forward to helping you look and feel your very best!

What to expect

Depending on your customized plan, your appointment(s) will include one or more of the following procedures:
Dermal fillers: These injectable treatments primarily add volume/structure to areas of the face that are genetically lacking (for example if we are helping to add structure to chin or cheeks) OR restore volume/structure to areas that have lost it over time.
Biostimulators: These injectable treatments are used to boost your own collagen and skin elasticity - at Bloom we use Sculptra, Radiesse and PRP. Each has amazing benefits for helping various areas like radiating smile lines/stubborn crows feet, temple hollowing, neck laxity/skin crepiness and undereye hollowing/darkness. Plus, in general biostimulants offer a longer result duration than dermal filler so we love to use both to provide you with truly stunning, long-lasting results!
PDO threads: multiple types of threads are utilized at Bloom to provide lift and skin strengthening. In particular, barbed or 'lift' threads can be used to support stubborn jowls or submental (chin) laxity, while smooth and twist threads can boost skin and eliminate fine lines around the mouth and upper lip in particular.
Botox/Dysport: This injectable treatment is strongly recommended to balance the strong pull of certain facial muscles and help your filler last longer! Specifically we often use it for the low face and neck muscles when it comes to full facial balancing.
Throughout your appointment(s), your injector will work closely with you to ensure that you're comfortable, and will provide all aftercare instructions and post-care products to help reduct bruising and swelling. Then, follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your progress.